EDEL real estate GmbH

EDEL Real Estate is an established company in the real estate business. This is our passion, so we work around the clock for buyers and sellers to accommodate their best interests. Over the years we have accumulated great experience in the sector to meet the needs of various kinds of investors.

Our areas of expertise are acquisition, management, brokerage and sale of real estate all over Germany.


Our values: How we do business

Our values represent the ways in which we work with our partners and how we stand behind our decisions.

Together, we have an accumulated talent experience of nearly 10 years in the real estate market in Germany. In this process we have been continuously improving ourselves to work effectively with many types of investors and how to offer the best possible service and the best possible performance for each one of our clients.

We are efficient and flexible. We adapt to our investors’ individual needs and provide them with the most responsive service possible. 

Today, we aim more than ever to propel our values to new heights.



Our services at a glance

  • Expert knowledge in the acquisition, management, brokerage and sale of real estate.
  • Asset management for national and international investors in Germany and abroad.
  • Efficient and flexible A-Z property management. Expertise in residential and commercial real estate.
  • Management and rent of furnished apartments and office spaces. Optimization of tenant mix and lease structure.


We marked on our flag the values of excellence and professionalism. We proudly offer you an excellent service that is the result of our highest intention, our most sincere effort, our keen direction, our skillful execution and our drive to see every obstacle as an opportunity.