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Real estate prices in Germany: current trends and forecasts


The real estate market in Germany has undergone significant changes in recent years. With increasing demand and a shrinking supply, real estate prices have risen rapidly in many regions. In this article, we take a look at the current trends, forecasts and key influencing factors shaping the real estate market in Germany.

Overview of the real estate market in Germany

The German real estate market is characterized by high demand and limited supply. Prices have risen sharply, especially in large cities such as Berlin, Munich and Hamburg. Average square meter prices vary considerably depending on the region and type of property.

Current trends and statistics

Average square meter price: In Germany, the average square meter price for houses is currently around 4,000 euros per square meter.

Apartment prices: Prices for condominiums in Berlin have exceeded the 5,000 euro per square meter mark.

House prices: In Munich, home prices of up to 10,000 euros per square meter are recorded.

Rental prices: Rental prices have also reached new heights in many cities, with Munich and Frankfurt am Main among the most expensive cities.

Price differences in different regions of Germany

Real estate prices vary greatly between different regions of Germany. While prices are high in big cities, rural areas are often cheaper.

Popular cities and their real estate prices

Berlin: Real estate prices in Berlin are rising continuously. Condominiums cost an average of over 5,000 euros per square meter.

Munich: Munich has some of the highest real estate prices in Germany, with houses costing up to 10,000 euros per square meter.

Hamburg: Prices are also high in Hamburg, with condominiums averaging 6,000 euros per square meter.

Differences between urban and rural areas

Prices are often significantly lower in rural areas. Here, property buyers can still find bargains, while in urban centers supply is scarce and expensive.

Factors that influence real estate prices

Economic indicators

The general economic situation has a strong influence on real estate prices. Factors such as unemployment rates, interest rates and income trends play an important role.

Supply and demand

The relationship between supply and demand is a key price factor. In popular cities, demand often exceeds supply, leading to rising prices.

Legal changes and regulations

New building regulations, rent controls and other legal regulations can also have a significant impact on property prices.

Future prospects of the real estate market in Germany

Expected trends and changes

Increasing demand in large cities: Urbanization and the influx of people into metropolises are likely to drive prices further up.

Sustainability and energy efficiency: More and more buyers are placing value on energy-efficient properties, which could increase the prices for such properties.

Technological innovations: Smart homes and innovative construction methods could create new market segments.

Influence of global events on the market

Global events such as the COVID-19 pandemic or geopolitical tensions can influence market developments. For example, the pandemic led to increased interest in rural properties and home office-capable apartments.

Tips for buyers and investors

How to find good deals

Market analysis: Regularly monitor the market and keep an eye on current trends.

Use networks: Contacts with brokers and other real estate experts can provide valuable information.

Flexibility: Willingness to invest in less sought-after regions. 

Common mistakes and how to avoid them.

​​Rushing into action: Thorough research and careful planning are essential.

Hidden costs: Additional costs and renovation expenses should always be factored in.


The real estate market in Germany remains dynamic and offers both opportunities and challenges. It is crucial for buyers and investors to be well informed and to follow market trends closely. Anyone looking to purchase or invest in a property should keep an eye on current developments and forecasts.

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This overview shows that the real estate market in Germany is diverse and complex. By staying informed about the latest trends and being strategic, you can successfully invest in real estate or find the right home.