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With us, selling remains a good decision

The fact is: Selling a property is a complex process – numerous parameters have to be considered and at least as many decisions have to be made. In addition, there are pitfalls lurking that can, in the worst case, cause the sale of your property to fall through.

Therefore, you should not go the way to a successful real estate sale unaccompanied – but have a strong partner at your side, who guides you reliably and competently from the formulation and analysis of your expectations to the selection of the right buyer to the closing of the sale.
With EDEL, you are always in the best hands because we are real estate professionals – and so much more than that: With empathy, commitment and competence we combine the business with the interpersonal – and we are a partner you can always rely on.

Selling a property can take weeks to months, requires time and patience – with EDEL, you can rely on personal 1:1 support throughout the entire process – because we want you to feel completely comfortable at all times.

In doing so, we always act according to our corporate values:


We ensure that all information is provided in a complete, transparent, compliant and lawful manner.

Professionalism and thoroughness

We act according to structured and orderly process flows.

Personal attention

We approach each of our clients individually and always act in their best interest.

When you choose to work with us, you are entrusting us with one of the most important decisions you will make – and we do not take that lightly. It is our responsibility to ensure that the sale of your property remains a good decision – one that you stand behind 100 percent. We are proud to guide you along the way.



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